Anguilla leads the way “Towards Good Governance “ in Sport in the Caribbean Region

The constant wave of crisis with international and regional sport bodies have made the debate surrounding governance standards in sport an ever present concern.
With poor governance triggering attitudes of public mistrust in sport and its organizations, governments are being urged to set higher standards of democratic representation, accountability, transparency and sustainability.
The Caribbean Sport for Development Agency (CSDA) joins in the call for such governance, but more so, has embarked on a journey to facilitate practices of good governance in sport.  The beautiful island of Anguilla has been among the first to raise its hand to begin this journey Toward Good Governance in Sport. In December of 2015, the Ministry of Social Development of the Government of Anguilla contracted CSDA to provide support, technical guidance and training to the Government’s Department of Sport and to the registered National Sporting Associations (NSA’s) in Anguilla.
CSDA engaged the relevant stakeholders in a week long programme geared towards understanding the importance of good governance in sport and shared their expertise on putting such practices into motion. CSDA directors, Andre Collins and Mark Mungal were able to review critical documents and conduct stakeholder meetings before hosting a 3 day workshop for high-level NSA officers.
Participants were engaged in workshops that focused on dimensions of good governance that eventually led to the development and adoption of 6 key sport governance principles for NSA’s which framed a Good Governance Code for Sport in Anguilla.  The Department of Sport and the National Sporting Associations present all affirmed their commitment to the Code and recommended that all National Sporting Associations commit to it as well.
Workshop participants commended the Department of Sport for displaying their assiduity on the matter of good governance in sport by organizing the workshop and thanked CSDA for their clarity and commitment in facilitating the workshop and introducing key concepts and principles for good governance in sport. 

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